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The Korea Economic Daily and its readers make great companionship.

The Korea Economic Daily is the most widely read economic newspaper among the Korean office workers and university students. Our newspaper is highly evaluated given that our news contents satisfy readers of various age spectrum. Also, the fact that our readers make relatively higher monthly income and many of them actually invest in the stock market makes our newspaper even special. Our subsidiary companies, The Korea Economic TV and are also leading in their respective markets.

The Korea Economic Daily Media Group has been a pioneer in many aspects of economic education and journalism; for example,
1. Dial-up internet service KETEL
2. iPad news service
3. TESAT, a government-recognized examination that tests aptitude for economics known as ¡®Economic TOEFL¡¯
4. Sangle Sangle, an economic educational newspaper for high school students
5. CTS, an automated electronic system for newspaper production.