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Kiwoong Kim CEO, the Korea Economic Daily Media Group A journalist with 35 years of experience
						Being supported by Korea¡¯s economic development and our one million readers, The Korea Economic Daily is growing as trustworthy, leading brand of newspaper.
Q. What is a philosophy of The Korea Economic Media Group?
						Our management philosophy- ¡°Promotion of a democratic market economy¡±- represents our strong determination to make the society more business-friendly, to support enterprises actively practice their entrepreneurship, and eventually improves the quality of life for individuals and communities.Q. What do the readers think about the newspaper?
						Interbrand, the world's leading brand consultancy group surveyed 600 Koreans nationwide. According to the survey results, with 23.7% of the nation¡¯s newspaper subscriptions, The Korea Economic Daily was the most subscribed financial newspaper in Korea. At the same time, The Korea Economic Daily was ranked as the most recommended economic newspaper.